Birthday Bin

For even more birthday fun, we are excited to bring you buddies toys birthday club!

Come into Buddies up to two weeks before your party. Help your child select some awesome gift ideas that they would love to receive. Put these fantastic ideas into a tub with your child’s name on it. Hand out your invitations with information about the birthday club. Your guests can shop at the store knowing that they will be buying a toy that will be loved by your child and you. And as a bonus… your shopping guests receive a free gift bag! Anything left in the bin after your party will be held for one week and if your child receives any birthday money they can come in and purchase the remaining gifts!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Pick out the gifts you want for your birthday and put them in your bin
  2. Let your friends and family know you are registered at Buddies Toys. (We have invitation enclosures you can use.)
  3. Party guests get free gift-bags for anything purchased out of your bin)
  4. You get exactly what you want for your birthday!


To join the Birthday Club and register for your upcoming birthday, drop in to Buddies Toys on Beacon Ave in Sidney, or in Victoria’s Oak Bay Ave store. We’ll get you signed up and you can enjoy the fun of filling a bin with your birthday wishes

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