Fidgets Galore!!

Fidgets Galore!!

Have you joined the fidgeting crowd yet?  These popular toys are small, mindless, hand-held gadgets that kids and adults alike are fidgeting with.  There is the science behind them too, they help people improve attention and performance.  Whether you are looking for something to help you focus or just want to join the fun, Buddies has some great options of fidget toys!

Various choices of fidget toys, our stock is constantly changing!


Our selection of Fidgets today! (always changing!)        Aaron’s Thinking putty $4.99-$19.99



Thumb Chucks $10.99 (nun chucks for your fingers!)       Fidget Cube! The one that started the craze!



Tangle, a classic fidget toy!                                            Geoflux, like a slinky for your arm!


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