Think Local First!

Think Local First!


Buddies Toys is excited to be a part of Victoria’s new Think Local First Rewards program!  Along side with Buddies’ popular VIP point program  (which will continue), the Think Local First card rewards customer for patronizing participating Think Local First businesses. You earn merits for shopping at locally owned businesses and these merits can be spent on various rewards from any participating business.

Think Local First Rewards is powered by Supportland.

Visit a participating business, pick up a TLF Rewards card, register your card at and start collecting merits. The next time you make a purchase at a TLF business, show your card or use the TLF app and collect merits. Once your ‘wallet’ has accumulated enough merits, you can Shop Rewards and redeem them at any participating business.

Merits can be used anywhere in the Supportland network which now has grown to Portland, Tacoma and Victoria. Yay!

Side Note: The new mobile app is available for iOS and Android phones.


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