71008 Research Tower with Compass D24

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The research tower stands near the clinic, slightly elevated on a mountain so that it reaches above the treetops. From there, the Palmers do not only have a fabulous view over the rainforest and the Amazon, Sofia also measures the air quality and the exchange of fluids between the trees as well as the air from the top platform of the tower. Thanks to the rotating railing, the measuring instruments can be effortlessly aligned in different positions. The speeds of the winds are also measured from up there. The drone included in the set helps Rick capture rare howler monkeys for his very own commemorative videos. And of course, Rick diligently shares these videos on all his social media accounts. On the roof of the research tower is a detachable compass that can be taken on trips and hikes.The set includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, Sofia and Rick Palmer, a research tower with detachable compass, an animal knowledge card, a drone, two howler monkeys, hummingbirds, a caiman and many more exciting Amazon animals and exciting extras.

Figures: 1 teenager, 1 teenage girl; Animals: 2 howler monkeys, 2 hummingbirds, 1 rattlesnake, 1 heron, 1 caiman, 2 young caimans, 1 fish, 2 turtles; Accessories: 1 research tower, 1 compass, 1 rope ladder, 1 drone, 1 tripod with meter, 1 anemometer, 1 rain gauge, 2 overgrown vines, 2 bananas, 1 signpost, 1 information board, 1 climbing tree, 1 nest, various plants with flowers, 2 reeds, 1 bracelets, 1 'Howler Monkey' knowledge card.