71236 Crystal and Moon Fairy with Soul Animals


Moon Fairy Stellara with her wolf soul animal and Crystal Fairy Miriel with her rabbit soul animal like each other very much, at least as long as the moon above Ayuma does not glow purple. When the moon is purple, the Moon Fairy is controlled by the fog and turns mean, even though she can't remember anything the following day and is sweetness personified again.

Figures: 1 x Crystal Fairy Miriel, 1 x Moon Fairy Stellara; animals: 1 x Soul Animal Rabbit, 1 x Soul Animal Wolf; accessories: 1 skirt Crystal Fairy, 1 pair of wings Crystal Fairy, 1 sceptre Crystal Fairy, 1 necklace, 1 hair ornament Crystal Fairy, 1 skirt Moon Fairy, 1 pair of wings Moon Fairy, 1 wand Moon Fairy, 1 belt ornament, 1 tiara Moon Fairy

Recommended for ages 7 and up.