71471 Dreamzzz - Mateo's Off-Road Car

by Lego
Kids ages 7 and up can zoom into the awesome LEGO DREAMZzz world with Mateo's Off-Road Car toy (71471). Based on the exciting TV show, the set lets kids help hero action figures Mateo and Z-Blob retrieve a magical hourglass by building the toy into a dune buggy or a quadcopter. By offering 2 exciting building options, this action toy encourages kids to unlock their imaginations and choose their own adventures. In buggy mode it's a robust off-road vehicle with turning wheels, and in quadcopter mode it's a compact flying drone toy with overpowered rear engines. The set is brought to life by LEGO DREAMZzz characters, including a detailed Mateo action figure. It also features figures of a Grimspawn and Mateo's gooey sidekick Z-Blob, so kids can get creative and build their own dream adventure. Contains 94 pieces.