Bloko - Tube 50 pc

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  • This Bloko tube contains 50 pieces of various sizes and shapes.

    This construction toy is suitable for children over 12 months. Bloko bricks 
    with pimples are assembled together and allow children to develop their imaginationcreativity and skillthis classic construction toy is a must!

    Playfulthis game has no limits: the child can build what he wants, anywhere, even in the bath. This product is part of the authentic Bloko range , a guarantee of quality and safety for the youngest. This is the easiest building set to assemble.

    Product features:

    ● 50 pieces
    ● From 12 months
    ● Bright colors and various shapes ● Easy to handle
    ● Intuitive and durable
    ● Compatible with all pimpled bricks
    ● Non-toxic and non-allergic flexible materials designed in Europe