Cobble Hill - 275pc Springtime Goldfinches Large Format

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The Springtime Finches look so light and airy sitting upon the stem of the pretty pink flowers. This beautiful Peggy Davis art is full of flowers and birds that make you wonder what they could be discussing. The design has three fairly distinct sections to puzzle from the left orange coloured flowers to the middle blues and the pinks on the right.

Cobble Hill's Easy Handling 275 piece random cut puzzles are the perfect starter puzzle for any newcomer to jigsaws. The large pieces show plenty of detail so one can more easily identify where it belongs in the puzzle. The average piece size is two inches. Our seniors enjoy assembling these puzzles on their own and with grandchildren, it's a great activity for brains of all ages! It's also an easy category for a date night evening at home!

Assembled Size: 26.625" x 19.25"