Curious Critters 3D Printed - Medium Bunny

Color - Teal
Low stock - 1 available
  • The newest fidget that is made right here in BC!
  • 3-D Printed in Canada 
  • Printed using PLA which is a renewable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic thermoplastic and polymer. 
  • Available in a range of colors
From the most demanding playroom adventures to a permanent spot on your work desk, Curious Critters are vibrant, unique, and ready for whatever you throw their way. The tactile and moveable limbs create a unique sensation that leaves an impression. Whether you're absently fidgeting with one while on that work call that is taking too long or your kids are creating a crazy adventure. With the Curious Critters at the center of it, you can rest assured that any of our Curious Critters are up to the challenge. The perfect option to surprise yourself or someone close to you with a long-lasting, exciting, and thoughtful gift.