Pastel West Coast Rock Blocks - Set of 10

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by Tumbino
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These Montessori style wooden rock blocks are fun for the entire family! These toys are made from sustainable sources of wood on the West Coast of Canada.

Tumbino Toys’ wooden stacking rocks will help your child to develop balance and creativity while feeling and noticing the unique patterns of the wood.

Each wooden block is unique and different from the rest of the set. No two are alike! This provides your children with a sort of sensory activity that they can do independently or with you. All blocks are painted with high quality non-toxic paint (the same kind that is used on baby cribs).


Our Wooden West Coast stacking rocks are the perfect activity for both children and adults! It is hard not to get addicted to the satisfaction of figuring out how to balance your unique blocks in just the right way to make your own special structures. These blocks can be used for playtime and for games with family and friends. There are so many benefits for your kids when playing with these rock blocks.
• Open-Ended Problem Solving: Balancing our rock blocks with their various sizes, edges, and shapes gives you and your child the opportunity to play creatively and use problem solving skills to figure out how to best build your structures.
• Improves Coordination: These toys are the perfect way for your child to develop their sense of balance, logic, and dexterity.
• Captivating: Every block is unique! These rock blocks are perfect for keeping the whole family entertained and happy!
• Unplugged Activity: Looking for something to keep your kids entertained and learning while staying away from more screen time? Wooden rock blocks are the perfect remedy! Kids need hands-on, sensory toys that can challenge them while leaving them with a sense of satisfaction once they have accomplished a new creation.
• Child safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building blocks.

No two blocks are alike, but you’ll get blocks between 2-3 inches for the small blocks and 5-6 inches for the long blocks.

Our West Coast stacking rock blocks are made from Pinewood, Douglas Fir, Maplewood, and Cedar.
Paint is a non-toxic, high quality paint.