Peaceable - Jump Jump Joey

  • LETS MOVE TOGETHER: Toddlers and their caregivers will be jumping for joy when they spot this new addition to your early learning games! Simple and sweet, this hop-around-the-room game encourages active play as toddlers learn, laugh and move.
  • LEARNING AND GROWING: Jump Jump Joey improves gross motor skill development, understanding spatial concepts, imitating, pretend play, listening, and building vocabulary.
  • PLAY WITH YOUR BABY IN MIND: Every child develops at their own pace. If they aren't ready to catch a tossed banana, help them by shaping their hands into a bowl. Littles love to imitate, they catch on fast!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players will jump to 3 different pads, saying "JUMP JUMP JOEY!" on each jump. If they do not land on a Joey, the player does the action shown on the pad. Keep taking turns until you have found three Joeys to put in Mama Kangaroo's pouch.
  • INCLUDES: 12 fun and interactive kangaroo pads, 1 comfortable wearable kangaroo apron with pouch, a helpful parent guide, and easy instructions. (Ages 2 and up)