42658 Feeding the Forest Animals

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The animals in the forest are happy as can be, because they can always find something to eat in the feeding trough. There's something for everyone: the Red Deer Doe and her calf are happy about the food pellets, but they both also enjoy crunchy carrots. The shy hedgehog also likes to come by. The squirrel slips curiously through the feed hatch into the manger. Maybe it will find a nut? In any case, it has found a cozy hiding place under the roof. Up there, it can also see the forest farmer coming along in his car (playset sold separately)

1x Feeding trough with removable roof frame, 1x plank with rocker function, 1x feeding trough, 1x feeding rack, 1x hay feeder, 6x feeding pallets, 1x red deer female, 1x red deer calf, 1x hedgehog, 1x squirrel, 6x apples, 8x carrots

Ages 3+