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71080 WuWei & Jun

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    The PLAYMOBIL dragon figure Wu & Wei is equipped with movable legs as well as heads and necks. The large wings can be turned in all directions. With the saddles, Jun and Eugene can ride on the dragon. A fire or ice arrow can be shot from each of the two dragon heads. To insert the arrow, the mouth is opened by pulling down the chin bar and then closed again. The arrow shot can also be triggered by pulling the chin bar.
Figures: 1 Jun, 1 Eugene; Animals: 1 dragon 'Wu & Wei', 1 dragon 'Bubblehorn'; Accessories: 2 saddles, 2 projectile, 1 backpack with Bubblehorn, 1 set of small crystals, 1 shield, 4 sets of tarot cards, 1 big crystal

Recommended for ages 4 and up.