71084 Icaris-Base

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      The Icaris lab can be entered through two swinging doors. The research section houses analytical equipment, computers and a projection table for examining rock samples and evaluating drone images. In the roof area of the station is the drone landing pad. The large drone can be controlled from here. A foot clamp is integrated in the center of the top of the drone so that a figure can fly along standing up. Also includes a working cannon.

          Included in the set is Dragons: The Nine Realms character Dr. Olivia Kullersen and another PLAYMOBIL figure, a Terrible Terror, the Icaris research station with analyzer, research table, computer and monitors, a drone with movable rotors and firing function and many other exciting extras. The legs, lower jaw and wings of the Terrible Terror are movable.
      Figures: 1 Olivia, 1 research staff; Animal: 1 Dragon 'Terrible Terror'; Accessories: 1 Icaris Lab, 1 drone with control/loading console and 2 projectiles, 1 analyzer, 1 calculator, 2 swiveling suspensions with monitor and spotlight, 1 projection table with 3 analysis slides, 1 hand crystal, 4 crystals, 1 analysis board, 1 magnifying glass, 2 flashlights, 2 radios, 1 rope, 1 backpack, 1 hat, 2 wristwatches, 1 hard hat, 1 collar, 1 arm cuff

      Recommended for ages 4 and up.