71348 - Advent Christmas Under the Rainbow



Have a magical Christmas time with the PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar "Christmas under the Rainbow"! In 24 days, an enchanting ball scene comes to life with two princesses celebrating a lavish party together with their prince, the golden Pegasus foal and other cute animals. A decorated Christmas tree with presents and a table with delicious food. While the prince plays Christmas carols on his saxophone, the rainbow princesses dance to the beat on their spinning tops. For jewelry fans, a pretty bracelet with Christmas charms is included that can also be used as a garland. A perfect Advent gift for imaginative children aged 4 and up.

Additional Information

Figures: 2 rainbow princesses, 1 prince; Animals: 2 x rabbits, 1 Pegasus foal; Accessories: 2 cloud skirts, 2 petticoats, 2 clips, 2 Christmas hats, 1 scarf, 1 cape, 1 antler, 2 scepters, 3 spinning tops, 1 table, 1 carafe, 3 glasses, 1 etagere, 1 cake with star, 3 gingerbread stars, 1 Christmas tree with tree ornaments, 2 gifts, 8 diamond studs, 1 silicone bracelet, 1 charm "Christmas tree", 1 charm "bow", 1 charm "Christmas wreath", 6 bracelet beads, 1 snow woman with branch arms and carrot nose, 1 crown, 1 star lantern with handle, 1 gold pot, 3 diamonds, 3 heart diamonds, 1 saxophone, 1 basket, 1 grass, 2 apples, 1 diorama rainbow castle

Recommended for ages 4 and up.