71352 Riding Therapy and Veterinary Practice

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At Phil and Harleen's riding therapy and veterinary practice, animals and humans are helped! The clinic, which can be attached to the Waterfall Ranch, offers a wide variety of examination and treatment methods for sweet patients. The Aquatrainer, a pool with included treadmill that can be filled with water, allows equine therapist Phil to get struggling horses back on their hooves. Meanwhile, budding veterinarian Harleen nurses kittens and guinea pigs back to health. People with handicaps and special needs use the Waterfall Ranch's great offerings for therapeutic riding and equine therapy. Therapy horse Zora is especially popular with the patients. Fun Fact: Harleen has great respect for horses and is therefore very happy to take care of the small animals at the animal clinic.

Figures: 1 woman, 1 child; Animals: 1 horse, 3 rabbits, 1 cat, 1 pigeon, 1 bird; Accessories: 1 straw insert, 1 stethoscope, 1 blind stick, 1 feeding trough, 1 watering trough, 1 heat lamp, 1 operating lamp, 1 wash basin, 1 x-ray machine, 1 x-ray monitor, 4 x-ray cards, 1 operating cloth, 2 medicine glasses, 2 support rails, 1 table, 1 fence, 1 saddle blanket, 1 bridle with cord, 1 training box, 1 shower faucet, 2 boxes, 1 tool box, 1 curry comb, 1 medical kit, 1 doctor's kit, 1 cat basket with blanket, 1 bird's nest, 1 outdoor light, 1 small animal gate