Cobble Hill - 275pc Marmaduke

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You can see from the look on Marmaduke's face that he's quite smitten with his ""duty"" of guarding the keys and the shopping list. We just hope he doesn't decide to knock them down! This cute puzzle features a ginger cat, a row of books, a vase of tulips, blue thread, and other decorations on the bureau. With a darker bureau on the bottom and a dark wallpaper, there will be some challenging parts to the puzzle. But there are lots of pops of colour in the tulips and books covers.

Finished Product Size: 18" x 24"

Box Size: 10" x 14" x 2"

Cobble Hill Easy Handling 275 piece puzzles are challenging enough to have hours of quality entertainment, yet easy enough that one can feel accomplished, rather than frustrated when fixing a puzzle.  Who would best suit this piece count? Easy Handling puzzles are perfect for those with visual impairment due to the detail on the large size pieces or anyone who finds picking up smaller pieces a bit of a challenge. The high quality puzzle pieces are larger in size, usually 2" to 3", which makes it simple to pick up and easier to find where the puzzle piece belongs in the scene.  And the random cut puzzle pieces are a fun way to keep you on your toes!