CreArt Paint by Numbers - Van Goh Café Terrace at Night

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Relax with your favorite beverage as you paint Vincent van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night” with this CreArt paint-by-number kit, complete with all you need! Simply fill in each clearly numbered section and watch the image emerge. The prepared patterns and high-quality, odorless acrylic paints ensure excellent results. Did you know the café in the painting still exists in Arles, but was renamed the Café Van Gogh? De-stress and find success as you discover the joy of art in your heart today!

Part of our “Art Collection” celebrating world-famous artists and their renowned works, the prepared patterns in this Painting by Numbers set lets you create a personal masterpiece you’ll be proud to display! A meditative activity, painting can help relieve the stress of the day while providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment!