Ocean - Decker Whale Shark 15"

by Douglas
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Your under the sea plush collection is incomplete unless Decker the Plush Whale Shark by Douglas calls it home! This whale shark stuffed animal is realistic, super cuddly, and a ton of fun. Once Decker is in your arms you are going to wonder how you ever survived without an awesome plush whale shark. Life with Decker compared to life without Decker is like the difference between night and day, black and white, or cornflakes and cupcakes. Let us explain. Your life now is cornflakes. It's pretty good but needs some sugar to really make it enjoyable. Now, add this realistic whale shark stuffed animal, the sugar in this scenario, and suddenly your life is super sweet. Your life is now cupcakes. It's filled with excitement and maybe even a few tasty sprinkles. This incredible stuffed whale shark features wonderful detail and realism while still maintaining a cuddly and fun personality. The realistic coloring and design add to the plush whale shark's charm and appeal without taking away from its warm expression and playful appearance. Measuring about fifteen inches long, Decker the Plush Whale Shark is an armful of joy and a truly lifelike plush toy that will be cherished for years to come. Recommended for ages two and up, this realistic whale shark stuffed animal is surface washable.