Ravensburger Large Format - 500pc Wilderness

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Any nature lover will enjoy this bucolic scene of serenity among the animal kingdom. Momma grizzly guides her cubs to the water’s edge for a drink, while a red fox and Great Egret scout for fish. Moose, white-tailed deer, elk, wolves, a racoon, Canadian geese and a pair of regal swans complete the tranquil scene. Realistically rendered by wildlife artist Cory Carlson, you’re sure to enjoy puzzling this idyllic scene!

This 500-piece Large Format jigsaw puzzle combines easy-to-handle, clean-cut pieces and Ravensburger’s perfect interlocking fit for a most pleasurable puzzling experience. With pieces 20% larger than standard, details are easy to see so you can complete it in just a day or two. Create memorable moments with Ravensburger premium puzzles!