Stickiville Vinyl - Wild Outdoors

by Ooly

Calling all campers, trekkers, explorers, and adventurers! The natural world is your happy place and these waterproof vinyl stickers celebrate that fact. Straight from our Stickiville collection this set of four stickers lets you show off your love of the outdoors. Designs include a wooded lake, a “wild” sticker, an adorable smiling tree, and a seascape with an OOLY tag - because we love nature too! These tree stickers are perfect for tag-along accessories like water bottles. So let everyone know that your heart is with Mother Nature.

  • Pack includes 4 different vinyl stickers
  • Stickers feature celebrations of the natural world - a lake, a seascape with OOLY’s logo, a smiling tree, and a “wild” sticker
  • These stickers are waterproof
  • 5.9” x 2.4”
  • Suitable for ages 3+