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Surfloor - Liquid Tile Assorted Colours

by Stortz
Color - Blue
Low stock - 3 left!

These liquid floor tiles also stimulate sensory and perceptual development

Note: The items labelled "Floor Sample" have been used on our sales floor as a sample.  We have washed them and packaged them back up.  They are in great shape with no scratches, but are not perfect!  Great for getting a deal!

Each of these unique tiles is filled with the perfect match of colour and liquid to create an astonishing display of bubbles, streams, and pools that react to your footsteps.

  • Bright cosmic liquid color that moves with every step, jump, dance, or hop
  • Encourages cause-effect learning, sensory exploration, calmness
  • Colour, design, and play combine into one astonishing experience
  • Perfect for the playroom, living room, or anywhere you want
  • A powerful and beautiful way to enhance your child's environment
  • Includes one tile
  • Tiles each measure 19.5 x 19.5 inches
  • Special polymer material - Abrasion-resistant,
  • Super durable tile!
  • Maximum environment temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Tile features an Anti – slip back side pad!
  • Tile is leak-proof with a non-toxic cosmetic liquid inside