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Tiaras - Ribbon

Tiaras - Ribbon Dark Pink
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Great Pretenders™ Ribbon Tiara comes in three colours, Dark Pink, Light Pink or Lilac. Ribbon Tiaras are all time fan favorites and a perfect accessory for every little princess. Hand crafted with strong and flexible wiring allows for for bending without breaking. This tiara features a ribbon-wrapped foam base, and is adorned with gems and rosettes, and finished off with trailing satin ribbons. Silver beads glimmer in the light, and a sparkly gem make this tiara very special and a perfect fit for a Princess! Designed to fit all princesses ages 3 and up. This tiara is made with high quality and durable materials. Made by Great Pretenders™ Great Pretenders™ products from Creative Education are made with durable, premium quality materials and exceptional workmanship.