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Wowmazing - Giant Bubble Powder Refill

by Stortz
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When you think of BIG bubbles, think of WOWmazing™ Bubble Powder! 

The WOWmazing™ Bubble POWDER will keep the party going! The WOWmazing™ Bubble POWDER was specially formulated for creating giant, high flying and long lasting bubbles. The set includes 6 packets that will make 6 gallons and thousands of mega bubbles. Use one packet at a time and simply add 1 packet of WOWmazing™ Bubble powder to 1 cup of detergent (Dawn, Joy, Fairy, Palmolive,7th Generation, Method or Mrs. Meyer's) and 16 cups of tap water. 

You made the solution and did not use all of it? Don't worry... as the WOWmazing™ Bubble solution sits, it actually strengthens, becomes even more powerful, and blows even bigger, longer lasting bubbles! 

Even though we recommend it be used with WOWmazing™, this solution works well with bubble machines, bubble swords, bubble hoops or any bubble toys!